Press Release
November 7, 2010

Legarda Lauds Eastern Visayas' Heightened Awareness on Climate Change, Urges Fast - Tracking of Downscaled Geo-hazard Maps
For Barangays Nationwide

Senator Loren Legarda, the Asia-Pacific Regional Champion for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation, today lauded the growing awareness of citizens and various groups in Eastern Visayas on the issue of climate change.

Legarda, who has produced documentaries to inform the public about climate change, said that the increasing consciousness on the phenomenon would lead to the effective adaptation to its effects.

"Once we become aware of climate change and its adverse impact that is when we begin to think of ways to combat its effects."

"I commend the local governments and various groups in Eastern Visayas for the frequent conduct of forums on climate change which would provide more people the facts that they need to know regarding this phenomenon," she said.

Meanwhile, the Senator also took notice of the government's ongoing geo-hazard mapping, which according to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Region VIII is almost complete in the Eastern Visayas Region.

Geo-hazard mapping is the identification of areas of the country where natural hazards and disasters--such as rain-induced landslides, floods, storm surge, coastal erosion, and sea-level rise, among others--are most likely to occur.

"I am hopeful that the geo-hazard maps in the whole country, particularly those that are downscaled, would be completed the soonest possible time and be effectively utilized by local governments in development planning."

"This is very useful for our disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation initiatives because we could now effectively shield our communities from the destructive effects of geologic hazards since we would be able to make the necessary preparations and build the proper defenses in the appropriate disaster-prone areas. This would definitely reduce the loss of lives and properties brought about by natural disasters," Legarda concluded.

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