Press Release
November 11, 2010

"Good Air Quality" ADB Rating of Metro-Manila,
Testimony to Public - Private Partnership for Environmental Protection

Senator Loren Legarda said the "good air quality" rating which the city of Manila received during the pilot test of the Clean Air Scorecard of the Asian Development Bank and the Clean Air Initiatives For Asian Cities during the three day Better Air Quality Conference in Singapore may be an indication that the efforts being undertaken by the agencies of government hand in hand with private sector participation in combating air pollution is seeing fruition.

"This is welcome good news. It translates to improved health conditions for the residents of Manila, particularly the marginalized sector who are most exposed to pollution."

The other cities with "good" clean air score aside from Manila are Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta and Jinan.

The Chair of the Senate Committee on Climate Change cited that a few months ago the quality of air in Metro-Manila had been classified as deteriorating amid reports that the Land Transportation Office, under the Department of Transportation and Communication, has been remiss in its duties in conducting emission testing of buses as there are allegations that buses are not physically subjected to the tests but merely pay a certain amount in exchange for the issuance of the vehicle registration.

"Earlier, the DENR issued a warning that 80% of the pollution in the country is caused by vehicles, especially public utility vehicles like buses, jeepneys, and tricycles, so I filed Resolution No. 138 which calls for an inquiry on the alleged selective emission testing of vehicles in the country."

"Cleaning our air must be a consistent and continuous collaboration of efforts. Everyone is responsible, " Legarda concluded.

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