Press Release
November 15, 2010

Respect for Muslim Faith and Ways - Key To Peace in Mindanao

As 1.57 billion Muslims worldwide celebrate tomorrow the Eid'l Adha-the Feast of Sacrifice that commemorates a story of dedication and obedience to God, Senator Loren Legarda in a manifestation at the Senate Floor said that in order to resolve conflicting issues with the Filipino Muslims there must be genuine respect for their faith and the ways that they have to live in accordance to their religion.

"Through the years the government has been trying especially in the part of Mindanao to tackle issues about ancestral domain and autonomy for the Muslims."

"We have been trying to forge a peace deal with Moro groups, but we have not yet succeeded. And even if we did, peace cannot be attained through such a pact alone."

"With just a little effort to understand the faith of other people, we will realize that we share something in common."

"The whole Filipino nation will join our Muslim brethren in commemorating the Eid'l Adha, by virtue of Republic Act 9849, which this representation co-authored."

"Because the Philippines is a predominantly Christian nation, it is incumbent upon us to accord the proper respect to other faiths and religions, as any democratic state ought to do. This was our motivation when we pushed the passage of a law that declares the tenth day of the month of Zhul Hijja as a national holiday to commemorate the Eid'l Adha."

"As Filipinos of different religions join Filipino Muslims in commemorating the Eid'l Adha, let us look at this occasion more than just another holiday we must enjoy. As a feast of major importance to the Islamic Faith, let us respect the celebration as a sign of our acceptance to our Muslim brothers and sisters, " Legarda concluded.

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