Press Release
November 18, 2010


Senator Chiz Escudero, senate committee chairman on justice and human rights is not satisfied with the pace the Maguindanao rape case is moving prompting him to ask the Department of Justice and the National Bureau of Investigation to explain to his office why two months had already passed but no substantial result has been found yet.

"It's been two months and we have yet to pinpoint the perpetrators. I called for the DOJ and the NBI to brief me about the case and I am looking forward that we can put together a road map to hasten results not only for this particular case but for other cases as well that shout for justice".

Nurse "Florence", the Maguindanao rape victim got her birthday wish yesterday to meet Senator Chiz Escudero in person and got more as the senator helped the victim find a secure place to stay for safe keeping as she recovers.

"This visit is two-pronged, personal to at least offer comfort and happiness on her birthday and professional as justice chairman, to assure her that her government is listening to her and is moving to serve her justice".

"I commend the zest and spirit of Florence amid this entire monstrosity that befell her. I wish she gets out of this still whole and that she will still be able to live a normal life. I told her that we will be at our law enforcers' neck to challenge them to catch the real culprits and not just do witch hunting so that Florence will really be given justice".

The senator said the real hindrance to getting justice in the country is not the lack of laws to cover and punish crimes but rather the strict implementation of the existing laws.

However, Escudero is looking at crafting legislative measure to give more protection to government and private volunteers.

"I am putting out this personal challenge to South Upi Vice Mayor Jordan Ibrahim to come clean if indeed he is innocent. Do a DNA test. This is also a challenge to the DILG to compel the vice mayor to undergo the testing. This is the only way he will be proven innocent" Escudero ended.

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