Press Release
November 22, 2010


Though China's Huang clan is spread across 11 countries, they maintain close family ties that bode well for their business enterprises, a quality lauded by Senator Edgardo J. Angara.

Keynoting the World Huang Clan Convention held during the weekend at the SMX, Angara said that both Filipinos and Chinese keep strong and close family relations that transcend borders.

"You represent the best quality in humanity - the closeness of family. No matter how extended your family is, how far they live from each other, you come together at some time to share common experiences," he said.

Launched in 1980, the World Huang Clan Convention is an annual business and networking meet that brings together various national Huang associations from Malaysia, Thailand, China, Korea, Taiwan, Cambodia, Indonesia, United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Nearly a thousand participants came to the convention hosted in Manila, which was spearheaded by George Go, president of the World Huang Clan Association, Dr. Alfonso Uy, president of the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Cristino Lim, president of the Philippine Kang-ha Association.

"You are a Huang, more than a Singaporean, Filipino, Chinese, Malaysian, Cambodian or Indonesian. And in a sense the Filipino has copied those qualities of close family ties and extended family," remarked Angara.

Amid an increasingly globalizing environment, sustaining family ties have also helped the Chinese - the Huang clan for instance - boost their business interests in various countries where other clansmen are based. The convention serves not just as a social reunion, but also as an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs, whether of small, medium or large businesses.

"The Filipino-Chinese in our midst are good examples of an enterprising, self-reliant, patient, honest businessmen and entrepreneur," commended Angara.

"We hope that the non-Chinese among us Filipinos will follow the Chinese example of working hard, patience and single mindedness of purpose. You are the true entrepreneurs of the world," he added.

Sen. Angara pointed out that there has not been a better time for investors to come into the Philippines.

"The Philippines has suffered many times in the past but this time I believe the Philippines is generally peaceful and is offering one of the best investment and tourism destinations in Southeast Asia.

"You need not be afraid to come here," Angara stressed.

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