Press Release
November 25, 2010


25 November 2010

Q: On SUC budget

DRILON: In the 2010 President's budget, there are no congressional insertions, and therefore when the GAA came, it was loaded with congressional insertions. These congressional insertions, rightfully, should not be repeated in the 2011 budget.

Q: So these are current year insertions?

DRILON: Yes in the current budget by congressmen and senators.

Q: Magkano?

DRILON: Hindi ko na maalala, but the budget growth of the SUCs was flat if you look at the National Expenditure Program and the President's budget for 2010, then you compare it to the General Appropriations Bill and the NEP for 2011, there's a flat growth but certainly there is no substantial reduction. I will repeat, the reduction was the removal of congressional insertions.

Q: Which amounts to?

DRILON: I do not know, I forgot the figure.

Q:On Coloma's CA confirmation.

DRILON: ...Coloma took over the position of the Press Secretary, and therefore he is considered as a line department secretary which necessitates confirmation by the CA. The 2 others are not line departments. They are given the rank of secretaries except that they have no line departments but are heading offices. For that proper, Ding Deles is not also the department secretary and therefore she is carrying a secretary rank but she is not a head of a department. That's the rule.

Q: On OVP budget.

DRILON: We have decided to put back the budget to the level which was requested by Vice President Binay.

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