Press Release
November 30, 2010

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On the DOJ issuing a bounty on Lacson

SP That is the prerogative of the Secretary of Justice, to put a price on the head of anybody who is wanted by the law.

Q Is there a necessity on putting a bounty considering that Lacson has pending motions for appeal?

SP As far as the Department is concerned, he is already a fugitive. He is asking for reconsideration but nevertheless, they want him in custody.

Q Hindi po ito maglalagay sa alanganin kay Senator Lacson?

SP Sigurado. That is the purpose of the bounty, para ilagay siya sa alanganin.

Q Wala pa pong contact sa inyo?

SP Wala. I have no contact with him.

Q Kung ganun pong may bounty, mas mabuti na lang na sumuko na si Senator Lacson?

SP Nasa kanya 'yun. It is very hard to give advice given the fact that that's personal to him. It is his freedom that is involved.

Q Is it true na mabubuwag na po ang office niya by January next year?

SP We have already stopped the budget. 'Yung mga tao niya will continue, because he is still a senator, even after the end of this budget.

Q 'Yung office po niya, hindi po abolished?

SP The office is occupied by him and it is entitled to a budget.

Q At what point will it stop?

SP When he is convicted. If he will be convicted.

On DSWD Budget Deliberations

Q Sabi ninyo po, dapat 'yung mga coastal areas, 'yun ang abutin ng CCT?

SP Oo, dahil doon ang pinakamahirap ang buhay ng tao. I know it by experience. That is where I grew up. Any coastal area in the country is populated by poor people.

Q Tulad po ng Tawi-Tawi?

SP Oo, Tawi-Tawi. Cagayan de Tawi-Tawi is an island too far removed from many urban centers. That is why I always use that town as a take-off point in discussing issues of poverty. I selected one of the poorest areas in the country. The urban center of Taganak is Sambatan.

Q As it is designed, 'yung CCT, urban centers lang ang makikinabang?

SP Palagay ko, kung ang magiging main delivery system mo are banks, then it has to be mostly in the poblacion, the urban areas, the populated areas. You know, my questioning was to test whether indeed they conducted a survey of poor areas. Kaya 'yung barangay na tinanong ko sa town ng Gonzaga, that is the poorest barangay in that town. I am quite surprised that they did not include it. That is well known in the area.

Q Hindi pa po kumpleto 'yung (inaudible)

SP Meron silang ginawa pero hindi ko malaman kung bakit hindi naisama 'yun.

Q Dapat po ba Magkaroon ng cut sa CCT budget?

SP Hindi naman.

Q Kanina po we saw that you shook the hands of Dinky.

SP I shook her hand because it showed that they have covered the entire country except that there are certain areas, really poor areas, na hindi nila nasagip.

Q Nandoon po 'yung doubt ninyo na hindi magiging effective itong CCT?

SP Gusto kong malaman kung pano nila imo-monitor at ika-counter check 'yung actual delivery of the amount. That's why, I think the members of the political leaders of the country like members of the House of Representatives, the Senators, if they go around, they should ask the people that they know in their area so that they know if the amount that were sent have been received.

Q Maa-approve po on third reading 'yung budget this week?

SP Palagay ko. Wala na masyadong problematic...

Q Tatapusin po 'yung budget today?

SP 'Yung naka-agenda.

Q Kailan po 'yung period of amendments ninyo?

SP ...Supposed to be tomorrow. Kung hindi matapos ngayon, baka another day. Pwede kaming mag-overtime sa Friday.

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