Press Release
December 6, 2010


STLG: I would like to express my extreme disappointment ditto sa executive branch sa kanilang pag- submit ng mga listahan either kulang or iyong iba walang rason at mukhang hindi pinag-isipan at hindi naming alam kung saan kinuha. For example, doon sa Marine standoff. Mayroon silang nakalagay doon na si Senator Honasan , kasama pala at mayroon pa palang mga kasama daw na CPP-NPA na kasama ng mga marines sa marine standoff. These are just some of the inconsistencies we've seen. That's why I decided to suspend the hearing until they can get their act together. Again, I would like to express my extreme disappointment in the executive branch in the way they did their work.

Q: Ano po nangyari sa listahan?

STLG: I don't really know what happened why they submitted such a list but then it shows that there was no comprehensive review of the list that they gave.

Q: What happens now?

STLG: We wait ,wait and wait until they submit a list that is acceptable to me.

Q: Did they give any commitment of when they will give the list?

STLG: Sabi nila mamayang hapon daw kung kaya nila. Pipilitin.

Q: Same list bas a house?

STLG: I think you should ask the house.

Q: Is there any explanation from Secretary Ochoa?

STLG: Wala, walang explanations. Obviously they cannot explain.

Q: Noong hearing po ba hindi ito nasilip? Iyong listahan wala pa ba ito noon?

STLG: Iyong listahan wala pa noon.

Q: **inaudible

STLG: Yes it was just now. Because actually we were concerned with the principles and the effects of the amnesty. We must remember also, that the list is not all and compassing. Hindi ba? Because you have to apply for amnesty. So you don't know who is out there who will apply for amnesty. So the list, kung mayroon pagkukulang, maiintindihan pa namin. Pero iyong walang rason, hindi namin maiintindihan, tulad ng bakit kasama si Senator Honasan ? Bakit kasama ang CPP-NPA sa marine standoff? I don't think there has any reason unless they can give us good explanation.


STLG: It is very obvious that they did not consult each other . You could see from the body language and facial expressions. Instead of asking them to explain, I just told them to get their acts together and come to me when they have everything in order.

Q: Ibig sabihin ba niyan , ipinalabas nila ang amnesty proclamation na hindi nila nireview kung sino yung mag -benefit sa pinalabas nilang amnesty proclamation.

STLG: I think any list that they give should not be all and compassing. You must remember, one of the phrases in the amnesty proclamation says: their supporters. Yung their supporters na iyan includes : if we give moral support, financial support, whatever. Now you don't know who they are and they will only come out if they apply. So you must remember that this list is all and compassing.

Q: In the case of Nieves and Saycon do they fall under supporters?

STLG: You mean based on the list that they gave? I supposed so because they are not AFP. They are not PNP. They are not retired PNP or AFP, so they fall under supporters.

Q: What happens to them if they do not apply for amnesty?

STLG: That's up to them.

Q: Will they be charge to the marine standoff?

STLG: I'm not privy to the amount of evidence or non evidence that is around.

Q: so that means, even though your name is on the list there is no conclusive evidence that you are part of that incident.

STLG: Yes, we don't know the basis they have to include those names. I think that was very apparent that there is no basis because there is no rhyme or reason why Senator Honasan is there together with the CPP-NPA.

Q: One more hearing?

STLG: Comtinutation ito. It's just one hearing . Suspended naman hindi adjourn.

Q: Pag naka-submit na sila ng listahan, one more hearing tomorrow?

STLG: Continuation.

Q: How soon?

STLG: As soon as possible.

Q: Makakalaya na ba si Trillanes?

STLG: May time pa naman. Kaya pa.

Q: Alam niyo po ba kung ilan yung CPP-NPA sa listahan?

STLG: Hindi ko pa nabilang.

Q: Sino nagbigay ng list?

STLG: Malacañang


STLG: Hindi naman, they just have to be careful. There's more than enough time for the Proclamation 50 and 75.

Q: Hindi naman kaya they are just being careless because they are rushing things?

STLG: It's up to them. What happened speakes louder than words.

Q: Another boo boo from Malacañang?

STLG: It shows carelessness and lack of coordination. I think we should admonish them to get their act together.

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