Press Release
December 7, 2010

Senator Legarda's Message for the Islamic New Year

My warmest greetings to the Muslim Filipino community as they celebrate the Islamic New Year today!

This occasion gives us again the chance to look into the history and culture of Muslims. This special event symbolizes a new beginning; it is a time when our Muslim brothers and sisters renew and strengthen their faith and reflect how they are leading their lives.

Every Islamic celebration shows us the value of faith, discipline, and prayer. The Islamic New Year is a solemn occasion when Muslims gather in mosques and shrines to offer special prayers and to pay homage to Prophet Muhammad in commemoration of his journey from Medina to Mecca.

As we join our Muslim brothers and sisters in celebrating this event, may this also serve as a reminder to all of us to respect peoples from all faiths.

To all Muslims, Happy Amun Jadid!

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