Press Release
December 8, 2010


Senator Edgardo J. Angara, Chair of the Congressional Commission on Science and Technology and Engineering (COMSTE), identified the need to strengthen the S&T research foundation of the country through education in order to spur the growth of a Filipino innovation culture.

Angara said that, "the Philippines was one of a handful of countries that kept relatively strong economic growth throughout the global recession. But as the world's fastest growing economies have shown, it is not merely enough to stay afloat. It is more pressing now than ever to ensure that the country has the capability to create knowledge and harness innovation."

"This is why I call for firm and consistent funding for education, in particular science and technology, as well as research and development. It's almost commonplace to say that science and technology is crucial to our national life and development. Yet that is absolutely true. Our country cannot hope to catch up with our highly competitive neighbors and galloping population unless we leapfrog development through science and technology," added Angara

"The number of scientists and engineers involved in R&D in our country is only 152 per 1 million people, which is less than half of the ratio recommended by the United Nations to attain sustainable development."

Angara said that a report by the commission listed the lack of high level S&T and engineering degree holders as one of the foremost reasons why the country is lagging behind in terms of S&T development.

The COMSTE Science, Math, and Engineering Education Panel reported that the numbers show that the PhDs in the country, in comparison to other countries is alarming.

The report shows that Japan has 1 PhD holder per 11,621 people, in the USA there is 1 per 6,533, and Germany has 1 per 3,316. According to data from CHED, there are 941 students taking up their MS degrees and 164 taking up their PhDs in the country which would peg the ratio for the Philippines at 1 per every 54,060.

"We will also inject R&D funding into selected state colleges and universities (SUC's) across the country so knowledge and innovation can be harnessed as optimally as possible," Angara said.

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