Press Release
December 8, 2010


Q: On 2011 budget.

DRILON: One of the things that I would like to happen is I would not want extensive veto or I would not want an extensive exercise of the President of his veto powers, because in the past, we have seen numerous instances when the President would exercise the line item veto powers and this is because the lack of coordination between the executive and the legislative branch insofar as the budget is concerned. In our system, the legislative would have all the liberty to make amendments, but similarly, the President would have all the liberty to veto. So it's a futile exercise if we keep on inserting provisions or amendments which may not be consistent with the President's policy and may be similarly vetoed. My preference is that we have close consultations with the Budget department so that there will be less exercise of the line item veto power of the President. We can explain the provisions that we have inserted so that we can avoid the exercise of the veto power of the President. So that is what we are doing now. Not only we are trying to reconcile our version with the House version, but also consulting the DBM as to how they feel about special provisions, about certain inclusions and amendments that we have placed. So that there will be a better coordination and less disagreements and less sama ng loob if the items are vetoed.

Q: Sir ano yung likely na ibi-veto?

DRILON: We do not know yet that is why precisely we are consulting with each other on the matters that we have added to the GAB.

Q: inaudible

DRILON: Well it's still in the technical level. Since yesterday after we submitted to the House contingent the Senate amendments, the technical staff has been going over the voluminous records to check exactly where the differences lie and if they can resolve it in the technical panel, they will resolve it before bringing it into our attention. So we are awaiting the report. We should be getting that within the next 24 hours.

Q: On 'judicial revolt' and the supposed budget cut for the Judiciary.

DRILON: Well I think Cong. Andaya has explained it very well as to why the legislature cannot grant their budget, we cannot grant their request.

Q: On SC decision striking Truth Commission.

DRILON: I am saddened by the decision. I respect the decision of the court but I do not agree as a lawyer. This certainly is a stumbling block to the effort of this administration to fulfill its promise of better governance because we could not hold those responsible for corruption in the past. It makes it more difficult to call to task those who committed corruption in the past administration.

Q: Napupulaan ang Executive Secretary kung bakit ganon ang mga decision. As former ES, ano po ang masasabi nyo sir?

DRILON: I would not comment on that. As a former Executive Secretary it is not good to comment on the performance of your successors.

Q: Pero how was it being done before?

DRILON: I relied on institutional knowledge of the people in the bureaucracy in Malacanang. Meaning, there are professional bureaucrats there who would be walking dictionaries and encyclopedias. I can tell you they are well equipped having been there for a period of time. They have institutional knowledge of the history of any proposed executive action.

Q: Meron po bang ganyan ngayon?

DRILON: Ay hindi ko alam.

Q: On increase in the Senate budget by P400 million.

DRILON: We are placing the budget of the Senate at the level of 2010. There is no increase. In other words, what is the budget of today is also the budget for next year.

Q: So there is no P400 million realignment to the Senate budget?

DRILON: I already explained it to you that we are just putting the budget of the Senate to the same level as it is in 2010.

Q: The House is complaining about it...

DRILON: I am meeting with the House contingent, I do not know where the complaints are coming from.

Q: I haven't seen the list of amendments proposed during the bicam, is it possible if you could give an idea of what the Senate is pushing? Marami bang pagkakaiba?

DRILON: There are some differences. I would rather leave it to the technical working group. Maybe next week, maybe Monday or Tuesday, we should already come up with our report.

Q: You're saying that ratification is gonna be on time?


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