Press Release
December 8, 2010

Transcript of SP Enrile' interview before session

On the reported move of the House of Representatives to make some amendments on the Senate Concurrent Resolution on amnesty

My understanding is that they will wait for our resolution, which we already passed, then they will just adopt it. If they will make some amendments before adopting it, then it's up to them.

On the alleged statement from the US Embassy in Manila that after thirty years, the Philippines will have to choose between China and US as ally

We might not even reach that. We might just choose to go with China. In the next decade, China will attain a very influential position in world politics. It's a distinct possibility. It's better for us to ally ourselves with our neighbors in Asia. As you can see, the world is changing. We are being divided into several blocs already. We have the European bloc & the American bloc. It's not far-fetched for ASEAN and China to get together and form a bloc. Economic grouping is emerging.

On the alleged wired report that China put up new structure in Spratly Islands

They're putting a lighthouse, I understand. They already have structures there. I don't know of any agreement where you prohibit others from putting up structures. We have built ahead of them in PAGASA. We put an airstrip in PAGASA. I think what they meant in the agreement that you mentioned is that status quo from where you are. But they cannot prevent you from building structures on the islands that you have occupied.

If it's true that China has built some structures in the island occupied by the Philippines, then it is already an aggressive act.

On whether the Commission on Appointment will make confirmations on the plenary session next week

Yes, sa palagay ko. As regards the confirmation of other presidential appointees occupying cabinet positions, the President does not need to call the Senate to push it. The President does not have to deal with this little thing. They have the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office here in the Senate to do that.

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