Press Release
December 14, 2010


The Congressional Commission on Science and Technology and Engineering (COMSTE) identified the priority projects of the commission for 2011 in an en banc meeting held at the Senate today.

Senator Edgardo J. Angara, Chair of COMSTE, enumerated the flagship projects of the commission, which are Telehealth for remote areas and Digital Medical Records, Remote-Sensing for Agriculture, Electronic Vehicles and Green Transport and Disaster Science, Biotechnology for Health and food security, and Renewable Energy Systems.

Angara said that, "the Philippines was one of a handful of countries that kept relatively strong economic growth throughout the global recession. But as the world's fastest growing economies have shown, it is not merely enough to stay afloat. It is more pressing now than ever to ensure that the country has the capability to create knowledge and harness innovation."

COMSTE Executive Director Dr. Gregory L. Tangonan also presented the re-organization of the Commission, divided into 2 major panels. These panels will be on composed of experts who (1) understand and can articulate the economic significance and impact of S&T on the country and its development, and (2) can identify the best technologies from around the world that the country needs to acquire.

The first group/panel will be composed of scientists and economists who have an authentic pulse of the country formulate strategies for long-term growth and competitiveness, as well as drive near-term projects that will create resilience and competitiveness in our local sectors and public private partnerships (PPPs).

The second group's membership can be sourced from the many Filipino scientists around the world who are attuned to the best scientific techniques and products that we need to acquire and implement in the country. They will become COMSTE's pool of experts who we can tap for further specific technical help if and when the need arises, and at the same time, this can serve as an effective means of taking advantage of the knowledge and services of our Filipino scientists abroad.

The reorganization of the panels is aimed at improving the country's global competitiveness in S&T by applying world class collaboration between the government, academe and industry to address the nation's critical needs.

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