Press Release
December 14, 2010

Transcript of Interview of SP Enrile

On the confirmation of Sec. Lim and Sec. Luistro

SP Tomorrow we will take up the Secretary for Tourism and the Secretary for the Department of Education.

Q So sir, bukas pa po talaga 'yung confirmation?

SP I hope we can also take up the Secretary for the Department of Energy but I think there is a little problem. It is not insurmountable but nonetheless, a member I think asked for some time to work out a problem with him.

On the PCGG

SP I cannot comment on that, because I have to study the Executive Order of the late President Cory Aquino that was issued a long time ago. The text of the Executive Order is no longer fresh in my mind. I have to restudy it, and I guess they would not have suggested that unless they have studied the Executive Order because that was not only intended for President Marcos, it was intended to cover all ill-gotten wealth, I think. That's my recollection, although primarily, it was issued as a consequence of the demise of the Marcos regime and the ascendancy of the Cory Aquino regime.

Q Pero sir, 'yung EO po nung 1986, pwede po bang i-amend ng Congress 'yun?

SP Pwede. There is no law that can remain un-amended. We can amend it, we can repeal it. There is no irrepealable law. There is no law that cannot be modified.

Q So sir, pag inamend po 'yun, pwede n'yo nang i-take over 'yung pwedeng gawin ng Truth Commission?

SP Oo, pwede. Pwedeng i-amend ng Kongreso. Cannot be amended by the President, by Executive Order because that is a law unto itself, because it was issued at a time when the President, like Marcos, exercised both executive power and legislative power on the country.

Q Which one do you suggest, 'yung amended EO 1 or 'yung Truth Commission pa rin 'yung i-push ng Palace?

SP Well, if they have to use the PCGG, there are new commissioners now but I suppose they would have to buttress that with people experienced in the law, although Martin Bautista is a fairly good lawyer.

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