Press Release
December 20, 2010


Senator Edgardo J. Angara called on the public to give the Aquino administration time to get its bearings, after reports of a rumored between the executive and judiciary branches.

"The members of the new administration are still getting used to each other, and I think we can look forward to better coordination among them. Let's give them time and enough breathing room," said Angara in a recent interview.

"I really don't believe that there is bad blood between PNoy's team and the Supreme Court. These recent decisions were based on sound legal arguments--perhaps the executive order was made in haste, and wasn't reviewed properly," he added.

The Supreme Court's (SC) recently declared unconstitutional Executive Order No. 1, which creates the Truth Commission. According to Angara, former Executive Secretary and a fourth term Senator, the legal counsel especially for a new president plays a very important role.

"In my experience as an executive secretary, a president's legal council also serves as the liaison between the executive and the judiciary. They don't just troubleshoot and solve the legal problems that come up, they serve as your legal coordinators with the Department of Justice," he explained.

Angara also said the public should give the new administration a bit more leeway to make their own decisions.

"This is still a young government, and I believe they will toughen up especially under all this pressure. The president and his advisers are smart enough to avoid these kinds of lapses in the future. The bottom line is, we shouldn't be too harsh on PNoy's legal team. In my opinion, konting hasa lang, and they'll do just fine," said Angara.

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