Press Release
December 28, 2010


Senator Edgardo J. Angara seeks to ensure the delivery of basic health care especially to the rural and poorest areas of the country by creating at least one Local Health Unit (LHU) in each municipality or city.

Right before Congress adjourned for the holidays, Angara filed the Community Health Delivery and Health Team Placement bill.

"This will provide accessible, adequately staffed and equipped health care units at the local level. It will also offer employment opportunities to our health professionals in the provinces," said Angara.

Under the bill, existing rural health units would also be converted into LHUs, all provided with a minimum of 5 medical officers.

Playing a key role in the implementation of this proposed program are the Local Government Units in cooperation with the Department of Health.

"A large part of our nation's population have little or no access to primary health services, especially those living in undeveloped, rural areas. On the other side of the spectrum, many health care professionals are not able to undergo all the necessary additional training to enable them to practice in their fields," he explained.

According to Angara, these problems are interwined--so much so that solving one also provides a solution to the other. The proposed act shall therefore tackle both goals simultaneously.

"Increasing the number of jobs available, as well as improving the training of the people in the health sector will provide the public with better access to improved health services," he said.

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