Press Release
December 31, 2010


As the nation celebrates the birth of a new year, Senator Edgardo J. Angara renews his call for the financial independence of all our government clinic and hospitals to be able to handle the yearly influx of patients.

To this end, Angara authored a bill that enables all government hospitals, especially those in the rural areas, to retain its income to be used for its own operations.

"To be sure that our government hospitals can provide quality health services to the people, we need to provide them with the means to be financially independent and effective," said Angara.

This bill seeks for the utilization of these hospital's pharmacy income and fees from in-house services such as laboratory, operating room and radiology procedures to cover its maintenance and operating expenditures.

"This is a relatively simple program, and once enacted, the implementation of this bill would be handled primarily by the Department of Health in coordination with the local government," he explained.

Senate Bill No. 2070, "An Act Authorizing Government Hospitals to Utilize All Its Income for Hospital Operations Particularly Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) and Capital Outlay", was filed by Angara early in the 15th Congress. It has been referred to its committees following the First Reading.

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