Press Release
January 7, 2011

US to turn over used helicopters to PAF

The United States government will turn over refurbished helicopter to the country's air force but the senate national defense committee chairman is not impressed.

Senator Chiz Escudero today said the five used helicopter which the Philippine Air Force will formally receive next week show how the American government looks at our country, considering we have been one of the oldest ally of US in Southeast Asia.

Escudero pointed out that we have been a good ally and that the country deserves better treatment than being dumped with aged assets.

The five helicopters are under the President of the United States (POTUS) program and is part of the 20 units pledged by former Us President George Bush, Jr.

"While it is a fact that our air force is in dire need of air assets, we should not be ecstatic about these helicopters. Thank you but we have to remind our so called ally that we are not mendicants who will jump with joy with hand-me-downs".

The senator said the US government should do its allies well by well-deserved support and assistance, and not by some peanut hand out. "After all, we stuck our necks out for the US in their dire need" Escudero said.

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