Press Release
January 18, 2011

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

Reaction on the recent spate of killings

SP Talagang 'yan ang problema ng bansa natin. We have to deal with the problem of criminality in the country. You know, governments are instituted to protect the citizenry of countries. That is the purpose of government. If you read Thomas Hobbs, he talked about the formation of states and government, you will find out why society is organized. That is the basic responsibility and concern of government, to maintain law and order in the country apart from its duty to foster and promote economic and social development in order to improve the living conditions of the people. I think that soon we have to look at the activities of the Philippine National Police and all the law enforcement agencies, if they really deserve the budget that is allotted to them to provide protection to the people of the country.

Q Sir, why is there a need to review?

SP Well, the rising tide of criminality is rather alarming.

Q Sir, nagkukulang po ba 'yung kapulisan natin at this point?

SP Ewan ko lang pero during our time, even before the onset of Martial Law, we never allowed crimes to be done with impunity, without being challenged by government.

On his driver accidentally killing a man in Pampanga

SP Wala akong driver. How can there be a convoy, I was home. Wala akong taong ganoon. I do not know why the media did not give me the courtesy of giving my side.

Q Nakita daw po sa TV?

SP Sa TV? Nakita nila? Sino 'yun? Driver ko? Kaninong driver?

Q Nagpakilalang driver ninyo daw?

SP I cannot pay. I am not responsible for the misconduct of people. Only yesterday, somebody called me up over the phone telling me that he was one of the Commissioners of Comelec. He was soliciting sponsorship money for a golf tournament in Mimosa. I said "I know the gentlemen in Comelec, I do not think you are one of them. When I started asking him questions, he closed the phone. That is how brazen some people are now. I am having that guy traced.

Q Inorder ninyo daw kay Gen. Balajadia?

SP No, in the case of this guy that represented himself to me, connected with me, I asked Gen. Balajadia to have it investigated. We'll have to unmask him.

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