Press Release
January 23, 2011

Legarda Seeks Reforms in IP Code to Curb Internet Piracy

Senator Loren Legarda today pushed for the passage of a measure that seeks to widen the scope of the Intellectual Property Code (RA 8293) to include the protection of copyrighted materials over the internet.

"In this modern age when the internet has become a necessity to access, send, spread, download and upload almost all kinds of information, the protection from piracy of copyrighted data and other literary and artistic works has become more challenging," Legarda said.

The Senator has filed Senate Bill 2628 which seeks to amend the IPC to respond to the upsurge of internet piracy.

She noted that there are currently more than two billion internet users worldwide, about 1.2 billion of which come from the Philippines and other developing countries, according to the International Telecommunications Union.

Legarda said that even as many more are gaining access to the internet, the responsibilities of users are not clear under the law, which has now led to the unlawful and irresponsible use and even reproduction of protected materials.

"Many people think that everything on the internet is free, without being mindful that the materials they are copying, downloading or spreading are original compositions of people who put much effort and talent to come up with such creative works," she explained.

"It is our obligation to ensure not only the promotion of the talents, but also the protection of the rights of performers and producers of artistic and literary works. It is their right to disallow or allow the use, production, and reproduction of their works even over the internet and through other technological media that are available," Legarda concluded.

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