Press Release
February 7, 2011


Update regarding the caucus.

We need to conduct more study because of the various issues involved. We presume that he (Genereal Garcia) can go up to court on this so we have to be very very careful. We have a legal panel study the matter. As far as General Ligot, we were under the impression that there was a contempt in motion pero wala pala. So there's no formal complaint. We agreed to continue inviting the wife of General Ligot . As far as General Reyes, we will issue a subpoena.

On the lawyer of Reyes demanded inhibition.

The decision of whether to inhibit or not is addressed to the individual senator and not to the committee.

What if next hearing hindi na naman nagsalita 'yung tatlong officials, how would you compel them? With Secretary Reyes we will issue a subpoena, with General Garcia we have formed a panel to study the matter, General Ligot there is no formal motion for contempt so we will just proceed and see how it goes in the next hearing.

On refusal of General Reyes to attend next hearing

If he refuses to attend after a subpoena then he can be cited in for contempt for sure. The next hearing will be next Thursday.

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