Press Release
February 8, 2011

Transcript of Interview of SP Enrile

On Angelo Reyes

SP I think in deference to Angie Reyes we have to postpone the hearing maybe until Thursday.

SP ... To take his life. What is happening in the investigation of the plea bargaining agreement between the prosecutors of the country and Gen. Carlos Garcia. You know, Gen. Angie Reyes adhered to the tenets of the Philippine Military Academy of integrity, courage and loyalty and I think that rather than being embarrassed and losing his honor, he'd rather lose his life and that is what he did.

Q Is it an honorable way?

SP Whether it is honorable or not, let us not discuss that anymore. He is dead.

Q Sir, there are calls to moderate the proceedings? Does that mean medyo naging padalos-dalos ang committee?

SP Hindi naman. Ang kailangan lang dyan ay sagutin 'yung mga issues. Kagaya ni Gen. Ligot, very glaring na 'yung mga situations, hindi niya sinasagot. Sinasabi niya, I do not know. He must give a plausible explanation. If you are going to give an explanation that goes against the grain of human experience, no one will believe.

Q Do you maintain that the Senate is still the proper venue for hearing these charges of corruption?

SP We are authorized to investigate any event in the country that would require corrective legislation. We cannot abdicate that. It is unfortunate that an incident like what happened to Gen. Reyes happened. There is a country that must be served. There is a people that we must protect. I have been exposed to all kinds of investigations. I have been jailed. I stood my ground and I cleared myself.

Q Sir, do you think that without Reyes, we can still find all the answers to corruption?

SP Why not? We are finding the answers to the problem. We have enough materials in our hands. We have to pursue this to the end because if we do not, this institution of the Senate will also suffer. They will say, o, nag-iimbestiga pala kayo, wala namang nangyayari. Imbestiga kayo ng imbestiga, wala namang kahihinatnan. Baka sabihin nila, kayo nasuhulan kaya tumigil kayo. We have to go through it, no matter what, and let history judge. It is not because we want people to die, but once you initiate an investigation...I did not initiate this investigation, it was initiated by the Blue Ribbon Committee. As head of the institution, I have to support it. Support the Committee. I don't care if I will be booted out or driven out of my position by the Filipino people if that's what they want. If it is the price of my decision to uphold the integrity and position of the Senate in the scheme of things in this country, I will do it. I am sorry that Gen. Reyes died and he took his life. I do not know for what reason, he could have easily defended himself, but I would not want to delve into details of that unfortunate incident because I do not want anymore to inflict anymore sadness and pain to the family of Gen. Reyes. He was my friend. I advised him to really come up with a clear explanation of what happened. He could have very well said he did not do anything. He did not receive anything.

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