Press Release
February 11, 2011


I reiterate the expression of my sincerest condolences to the family of the late Secretary Angelo Reyes.

As I stated earlier this week after news of his death reached me, I affirm the resolve of the Blue Ribbon Committee to continue the investigation on allegations of anomalies at the Armed Forces of the Philippines. This is in the hope that we can help this institution which Secretary Reyes served for a long time to regain the respect of our people.

I understand the mixed emotions among the different sectors in our society today as a result of the unfortunate incident. However, as Senators of the land, there is a mandate we have to follow, a job we have to perform, and a mission we have to complete. We shall, therefore, make sure that this investigation comes to a rightful conclusion.

As announced by Senator Chiz Escudero, the Blue Ribbon Committee will resume its hearing on this issue on Friday, February 18,2011.

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