Press Release
February 19, 2011

Statement of Senator Manny Villar on China's Stay of Execution:

"The decision of the Supreme People's Court and key officials of China to defer the execution of three Filipinos convicted of drug trafficking is an answered prayer to Filipinos here and around the world. We join the three OFWs and their families in welcoming this heartwarming decision."

"We also welcome the joint statement issued by China and the Philippines which reflects the mutual cooperation of both countries in the fight against international drug trafficking and other transnational crimes."

"It is imperative that the Philippines now embark on a tougher campaign against drug syndicates particularly those financed and led by West African nationals and other foreign criminals. All of our embassies and consulates across the world must issue warnings to overseas Filipinos not to be too trusting and gullible and to avoid any contact with criminal elements at all times."

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