Press Release
March 1, 2011

Session hall

Q: On hearing to be conducted at VMMC.

DRILON: I would not know. I understand that the brother in law will appear. That's my information. I do not know about Clarita, the wife.

Q: So he has confirmed to the committee?

DRILON: That's my information.

Q: How crucial is Clarita appearing here and answering questions?

DRILON: Insofar that the documents I have are concerned... insofar as I'm concerned, I cannot speak for Senator Estrada... these are public records and she cannot deny. In fact they have not denied this. Insofar as I am concerned, the few documents that I have don't really need the presence of confirmation. I cannot speak for Senator Estrada if she needs the presence. He may need the presence of Clarita, I do not know.

Q: Si Yambao?

DRILON: Yes, he will appear.

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