Press Release
March 15, 2011


STG: We talked about ARMM elections. I'm one of the two senators from Mindanao. The ARMM elections is fast coming so we have to speed up on the decision making of the ARMM elections.

Q: What will happen to the report ? Itutuloy ba o hindi?

STG: Which report?

Q: The ARMM elections sir. Nag back track daw ang Malaca?an ?

STG: There was no indication of any back tracking . What was discussed was the pros and cons .

Q: What will happen?

STG: I think they will try to push for the postponement . Kasi kung mayroon back tracking, they would have told me. Wala naman .

Q: Are you also for the postponement?

STG: I'm still discerning kaya kami nag-uusap.

Q: Gaano katagal ang meeting?

STG: Mabilis lang.

Q: You mentioned nag-padala kayo ng email [partial committee report] sa Office of the President.

STG: That's why we checked . There was a mistake . I thought my staff sent. When we checked hindi pala napadala . So I came here.

Q: Sir, i-re request ba nila [Malaca?an] na mabigyan sila ng kopya?

STG: Wala naman.

Q: Pero na-discuss 'yung partial committee report sa meeting?

STG: Ang pinag-usaan naming ay ang ARMM postponement.

Q: Why would your staff make a mistake of saying that she sent it?

STG: People make mistakes.

Q: Pero kanina sinabi niyo na you don't see any problems if you discuss the Blue Ribbon report with the President?

STG: We did not discuss [about the partial committee report] . We talked about the ARMM elections

Q: You did not want to discuss? Nag-iba ang agenda ng meeting niyo?

STG: Hindi naman. That was really the agenda, the ARMM.

Q: Sir, parang nag-clean up lang ? Kasi parang nagka-mix up kanina sa Malaca?an eh.

STG: I don't know.

Q: Sabi nila may submission [ng committee report].

STG: Wala. Wala talaga.

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