Press Release
March 21, 2011


Q: The caucus will be at around what time?

STG: During the session . Hindi ba mag-roll call? Then after that, caucus muna.

Q: Basically ang isa sa mga punishment ay they will be taken into custody?

STG: Yes, they will be taken into custody. I like to [be clear] 'yung custody dito is different from arrest. I would like to say taken into custody instead of arrest kasi arrest when you have criminal cases. Arrest means punishment. In this case, taken into custody , so that they can be forced to answer the questions. You must remember that this is in aid of legislation, para gumawa ng batas. So the questions are for the lawmakers so that they can make legislation. Iba yung arrest and iba yung taken into custody.

Q: Sir, parang it's quite different from others who were cited for contempt.

STG: It's all the same.

Q: Sir, do you think by doing that, they will be forced to admit?

STG: I hope so. Because of course, if they do not wish to [speak]then they will have to remain into custody until they so wish to answer.

Q: Will the two ex AFP Chiefs be invited in the next hearing?

STG: In the next hearing.

Q: Ilang members ng committee to make decision whether to cite for contempt?

STG: I think we need nine members of the committee. Almost all of the members of the Senate are members of the Committee.

Q: Members of the committee are frustrated .

STG: Well, I would say so. Yes.

Q: Very unlikely na hindi ma-approve yung motion ni Senator Jinggoy to cite them for contempt.

STG: I would not like to speculate but most likely yes.

Q: On Ligot's testimony.

STG: Obviously, they are hiding and very evasive. May tinatago. 'Yun ang sigurado doon.

Q: 'Yung kay Yambao, will it stop there or more questions will be asked?

STG: I think Senator Drilon, who is handling the case, would be the proper [person] to answer that.

Q: The contempt case will be only with the Ligot's not Yambao?

STG: There was no motion. I don't remember that there was a motion against Yambao. So, it would be only against the Ligots'.

Q: 'Yung refusal ni Yambao to say something more kanina is not yet offensive as far as the committee is concerned?

STG: That will be deliberated upon.

Q: How long pa ang hearing?

STG: You know, I wanted to talk about the reforms. You noticed the new Chief of Staff and Secretary of Defense is there. We have to finish this soon and then going to the reforms because I think it is very important and I'm looking forward hearing from our Armed Forces of the Philippines ano ang ginagawa nilang mga reporma para mawala na itong mga nangyayari noong araw.

Q: May hearing sa recess?

STG: I will ask authority from the plenary so that the Blue Ribbon can continue the hearing during the recess.

Q: Are you going to vote this ... (inaudible)?

STG: I suppose so.

Q: How crucial is the testimony given by Perla Valerio?

STG: It supports the testimony of Col. Rabusa.

Q: The next hearing will be a face of between Valerio and the two former Chief of Staff?

STG: I would suppose Senator Jinggoy would be the proper person to ask.

Q: On Senator Lacson.

STG: Sorry, I have no knowledge on that. No comment.

Q: Hindi ba tayo nagsayang ng oras dahil wala tayong nakuha sa mga resource persons kanina?

STG: Hindi mo malalaman na mag-invoke kung andoon na. Malalaman mo lang pag andoon na. So at that point in time, we can't tell in the future whether o ito maginvoke, ito sasagot.

Q: Base on experience hindi ba lagi naman nag-invoke?

STG: Yes, that's why Senator Estrada moved that they will be cited into contempt.

Q: Umaasa kayo na magsasalita sila?

STG: Bahala na sila doon. Kung ayaw nila , they will be held into custody.

Q: Hanggang kalian sila?

STG: Until they answer.

Q: May hearing pa ba sa Thursday?

STG: Sa Thursday, ang request ni Senator Jinggoy ay sila Cimatu and Villanueva.

Q: Ano pa ba kulang sa imbestigasyon?

STG: Ang kulang na lang 'yung military reforms. Kung ano na ang ginawa ng military, ano pa ang gagawin ng military. Sa tingin ko iyon ang napakahalaga. Importanteng - importante na madinig natin sa AFP kung ano'ng mga reporma na ang ginagawa nila.

Q: 'Yung new witness ba kayo ang naglabas ?

STG: No, wala akong ano[kinalaman] sa new witness.

Q: Ngayon niyo lang siya nakita?

STG: No naman. As I understand , witness nila Senator Jinggoy si Valerio.

Q: Under the protection of the Senate po ba si Valerio?

STG: I am not aware.

Q: Bibigyan niyo po ba?

STG: I am not even aware she requested.

Q: She requested.

STG: Okay. Yes.

Q: The Senate is ready to give her?

STG: If I remember, I think sa testimony niya . Immunity. But not physical security.

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