Press Release
March 30, 2011

Press statements of Sen. Chiz Escudero

Sir kayo ang nag-top sa latest awareness and performance rating of senators in Pulse Asia Survey, your comment. Do you think this is indication of what will be the ranking in 2013 senatorial elections?

"Not necessarily. It's too early to tell. And survey ay 'snapshot' lamang ng pananaw at opinyon ng ating mga kababayan na maaaring mabago. Kaya hindi dapat magmalaki ang sino man ang mataas at di dapat malungkot ang sino man ang hindi. But let this guide our public officials and make them strive how best to do our respective jobs. Kasabay nito ang pasasalamat ko sa lahat ng mga nagtitiwala at naniniwala sa aking paninilbihan."

Despite of the appeals, China has executed the three Filipinos convicted of drug trafficking.

"I am saddened by this news like many Filipinos but let this be a painful lesson to Filipinos, for them to be more careful and not to allow themselves to be used this way and to the government, for them to make sure that each Filipino charged for the commission of a crime should be given the best available legal assistance from the beginning whether he is guilty or not if only to ensure that his rights will be protected in a foreign land.

Willie Revillame is again facing new controversy because of what his show did to a six-year-old boy. Impressions are child exploitation ang nangyari.

"I believed that this should indeed be looked into by the DSWD and MTRCB with a view to finding out if indeed there were violations of the law committed. Personally I also did not like and agree with what I saw and with what was done to the little boy but I blame the parents of the boy more than anyone else for just standing there and for allowing it to happen."

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