Press Release
May 7, 2011

Legarda Lauds LGU Initiatives on Environmental
Protection and Climate Change Adaptation

Senator Loren Legarda commended the Quezon City Government and the Provincial Government of Bukidnon in their initiatives on environmental protection and climate change adaptation. Legarda cited Quezon City's tax credit scheme for green buildings and Bukidnon's maintain-a-tree park project.

In Quezon City, all buildings, both new and those being retrofitted, can avail of up to 25% property tax refund depending on the eco-friendly practices being implemented such as using renewable energy, cutting down power consumption and managing solid waste, among others.

Meanwhile, in Bukidnon, LGUs, non-government organizations and cooperatives that wish to avail of financial assistance from the provincial government and entrepreneurs who will be registering or renewing their business permits must plant trees and maintain tree parks as a requirement.

"These stories of local communities--inspiring, trailblazing, pioneering--are slivers of light in a country of garbage dumps, mine tailings and bald mountains," said Legarda, Chair of the Senate Committee on Climate Change.

"I am pleased that more LGUs are heeding the call to act to revive our ecosystems, protect our environment and make our communities disaster- and climate-resilient," she added. The Senator said that she hopes this would create a bandwagon effect with other LGUs making their own eco-friendly programs and green policies.

"It is high time for all local governments to show dynamism and creativity in pursuing projects to help resuscitate our degrading environment. After all, it is the LGUs that set up offices at ground level, provide the staff, pass local ordinances and regulations, and organize stakeholders to support and complement environmental protection and climate change adaptation. We shall support them as they ensure the continuity of these efforts," Legarda concluded.

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