Press Release
May 16, 2011

On the Appointment of Mar Roxas as presidential chief of staff

The long-awaited return of former Sen. Mar Roxas to government service heralds the reunification of the tandem that has promised in May 2010 to bring meaningful changes to the Filipino people.

Mar's presence in the Aquino cabinet should translate to more healthy and no holds barred debates immune from petty factionalism.

His inputs in crafting national policies would be valuable as he offers the chief executive wider choices of options that would be crucial in decision-making process.

Mar's background as economist, legislator and cabinet official would decisively enrich the doctrines of governance that is anchored on empowering the poor and cutting down excesses.

The cabinet should expect heightened competition of ideas, not of egos, in the days to come.

I may not have agreed with Mar in the past during his stint as senator and House member, but I'm honored to be at the receiving end of his principled bantering.

Mar truly speaks his mind and I'm sure there will no shortage of 'ears' willing to listen to him in the Palace.

I'm not saying this because we wear the same yellow jersey and he's my party captain, I'm saying this because I know an asset when I see one.

Mar should be welcomed and what a welcome presence he would be in the cabinet.

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