Press Release
June 1, 2011

Transcript of Senator Zubiri's statements on ARMM
and resignation of Sec. Ping de Jesus


Matagal... I think ang una yata na magtatanong ay si Chairman of the Committee si Senator Bong Bong Marcos, ako po will be second in line as vice chair of the committee on local govt, nakahanda na po kami, medyo makapal kapal po ang aking interpellation and i will just ask the indulgence of Senator Drilon to bear with me, allow me to read of course the different jurisprudence of the SC and local courts and then if he could answer my questions...gagabihin siguro.

I'd like to reiterate, sana huwag naman po nilang mamadaliin ito, may isa pa naman tayong linggo, next week...this is certified urgent by the president therefore it can approved on second and third reading the same day but let us not speed up the interpellation process because napakahalaga nito biro mo for the first time in the history of our country we are going to give blanket authority to a president to appoint leaders of an autonomous region, my God! it's never been done in any country anywhere in the world. We are setting the ground for legislative precedent kapag nangyari po ito any administration from 2016 to 2022 basta hawak nila ang kongreso at senado pwede po nilang buwagin ang leadership ng ARMM at mag appoint because we are laying the ground work for that i think that is something that we should take in consideration.

Ah well, dati meron po kaming kasamahan na talagang outspoken at kasama po namin eh ngayon ay hindi po namin nakikita kaya I hope and pray that they stick by their guns and let this be a conscience vote. Kinausap ko naman po si Senate President Enrile and we requested that this be a conscience vote because this has not only political ramifications but constitutional legal ramifications.

Our side, Our group, we will be steadfast in our commitment to go against this. Pag hindi nakapasa ng June 9, goodbye na ito unless magpatawag ng special session si President Aquino....

Dati po akong majority leader, i know the tricks of the trade when it comes to passing legislation in the plenary and the tricks of the trade is extensive, it is an extensive armoury of weapons that can be used by the majority including friendly and not-so-friendly persuasion kaya ako ay ninenenerbyos na iyung mga dating may commitment at support to go against may turn around and join those for postponement.

I am just saying that as former majority leader...sana naman huwag naman may balitang dumadating sa amin na iipitin daw yung mga pork barrel namin sana huwag naman ganun dahil may pangako si PNoy nyan na whether opposition or admin eh ilalabas ang entitlements now kung gagamitin iyan eh anong kaibahan nila sa trapo politicians in the past so i make that appeal na huwah naman po sanang ihostage or magkaroon po ng arm twisting tactics, let this be a conscience vote.


That's the house cleaning with the Aquino administration I would not want to comment on their house cleaning efforts or their internal conflicts as long as it does not slow down the efforts of govt to provide services especially in the transportation and communication sector. Ping de Jesus is a man of unquestionable reputation, it is a big loss to the administration of President Aquino, he is a good man, napakabait nyan, i feel sorry for the DOTC.

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