Press Release
July 7, 2011

Cayetano to Palace: Set up an organized system
of investigating anomalous cases

Senate minority leader Alan Peter Cayetano urged the government to set up an organized system of investigating issues concerning the past administrations in light of the unraveling Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) scam investigations.

The senator expressed his disappointment with the slow pace of investigation and the unorganized manner in which the investigations are being conducted.

"Now that we do not have the truth commission or even the Presidential C, there is nothing to stop the President from creating either a super fact-finding committee or a number of fact-finding committees in different departments to gather evidence," he said.

Cayetano pointed out that even if a new Ombudsman is appointed, he would still need to have evidence based on facts which will have to come from the different agencies and departments.

He also noted that investigations into the PCSO scam and all of the unresolved anomalies of the Arroyo administration need to put closure into these to truly emphasize the difference between the Aquino administration and the past administration.

"The Arroyo administration style of resolving cases is to just to let the issue die over time then later say that the issue is considered closed. But until you know who did the crime, what the crime is and what the perpetrators got, you cannot say that a case is solved," he explained.

Cayetano added that it is important for the Aquino administration to show that the Philippine government is capable of putting closure into big graft cases by completely solving the case, not only by closing the case," he explained.

In this light, the Minority Leader also called on the administration to conduct a parallel investigation in support of the Senate probe that may take the lead in investigating the alleged PCSO scam.

"This parallel investigation can be done by the PCSO itself or the bodies outside or apart from the agency itself. Ultimately, I'm hoping that we can have a more organized way of solving these anomalous cases starting with this one," he said.

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