Press Release
July 15, 2011


In a recent radio interview, Senator Edgardo J. Angara urged the government to increase efforts aimed at improving the country's overall image in order to draw more foreign investors.

Angara added that negative publicity is also discrediting government leaders in the eyes of ordinary Filipinos.

"To foreigners and Filipinos abroad, the Philippines is a place full of crime, corruption and violence because that's what they see on the news. Day and night they are shown hearings, trials and investigations that seem to have no end," he said.

"Filipino government leaders need to redeem their image. Through example, they can show that they have learned from the mistakes of their peers, and avoid being swept along generalizations based on the mistakes of a few," Angara added.

The veteran lawmaker said hope lies in multisectoral cooperation which is key to establishing a strong, stable economy. This would bolster the country's viability as a worthwhile investment destination.

"To accomplish this, we in the government and in other positions of power should start working together. We must focus on creating strategic, structural programs and legislation that will not just create jobs for fellow Filipinos, but will also attract investors to our country," he asserted.

Solid effort from both the private and public sector, stressed Angara, is the most potent solution to the country's number one problem: poverty. The senator pointed out that the 2 percent drop in the country's gross domestic product from 2010 to 2011 means that millions more will be thrust back into poverty.

"As long as the private sector remains hesitant about investing heavily in local businesses, the government should step in and create demand through development programs and projects that would also benefit the most marginalized sectors of society," explained Angara.

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