Press Release
August 3, 2011

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On Archibald Po

Q Are you going to grant his request for immunity?

SP Tinanong ko siya, are you going to testify even without any protection from the Witness Protection Program? Yes, sabi niya.

Q Without security?

SP When there is an active threat, we will protect him.

Q How about immunity from criminal suit?

SP We have no power to immunize any person from suit. I don't know, I have to study that.

Q You raised the tax issue?

SP I cautioned him. You know that is income, that is income for the corporation. Whether he is the one managing the corporation is something, there are many details to be known before you can make any conclusion.

Q Pwede po siyang sumabit sa tax?

SP Taxable income yun, kung may kinita yung pagbebenta, income yun. May income, hindi nila nireport, pagkatapos binigay sa iba na hindi naman rehistrado ng may-ari. That is a donation. The cash bond, if indeed it was given to somebody, that is a gift subject to gift tax.

Q How would you describe active threat?

SP Kung tinatawagan na siya na papatayin namin kayo mamaya, ayun. Kung tatapunan siya ng granada o papuputukan siya.

Q Hindi rason yung may nakikita lang siya na threat?

SP Wala, hindi yun. Tinanong ko nga.

Q Tatanggapin ninyo yung sabi ni FG na hindi siya dadalo sa hearing?

SP Hindi ko muna sasagutin yan.

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