Press Release
August 3, 2011


On the resignation of Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri

SJEE: I feel sad because of the decision of Sen. Zubiri to resign and I think he is a big loss to the Senate and he has done a lot for our people and our country. We will have to respect his decision. That is a very, very painful decision for him to make. It is also a supreme sacrifice on his part to resign as Senator of the Republic.

Paano maapektuhan ang Senado?

SJEE: Well, of course hindi naman masyadong maapektuhan dahil yung mga committees na hawak niya mabibigay sa ibang mga senador. So it will really not affect the Senate. But of course, I as his number one ally here in the Senate will always be supportive of every decision that he will make.

How about his electoral protest?

SJEE: If he will withdraw his electoral protest before the Senate Electoral Tribunal, I think Atty. Koko Pimentel might be able to sit down as a Senator, if he will withdraw.

Kailan pwedeng mangyari?

SJEE: Maybe in due time, if he withdraws his protest before the Senate Electoral Tribunal. Maybe in due time, Atty. Koko Pimentel might be in the Senate.

How long sir?

SJEE: That I do not know.

Nag-usap ba kayo ni Sen. Zubiri?

SJEE: Before. Last week.

Anong sinabi niya?

SJEE: Well, he was contemplating with that idea of resigning.

What did you tell him?

SJEE: As a friend, I discouraged him. I said, "You have to fight it out if you really did nothing. You really have to fight it out." (But) We have to respect his decision.

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