Press Release
August 4, 2011


Senator Edgardo J. Angara confirmed that he knew of Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri's plan to resign, being the younger legislator's longtime mentor in the Senate.

"I advised him to do what he felt was right. I actually admire his resolve, his commitment and his integrity. I don't doubt that this has been a difficult week for him," said Angara.

"He consulted me about this matter. This is a historic decision, one that would affect a lot of people. Migs did not take this lightly--he thought about this for a long time, and when he made his decision to resign, I did not attempt to dissuade him anymore," said Angara.

Although his membership from the Senate Electoral Tribunal had expired at the beginning of this month, Angara stated that the decision regarding the 2004 elections case would probably be hastened by Zubiri's resignation.

"His leaving the Senate now before the case is concluded effectively renders the decision moot and academic. Although all these proceedings still need to end with all the necessary formalities and paperwork, his resignation from his post would likely prompt the SET to make an early resolution," he explained.

The veteran senator is optimistic that Zubiri would eventually come back to the Senate.

"He's still young. I believe that he still has a very bright and productive future in public service in the coming years," said Angara.

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