Press Release
August 19, 2011


Even as he accepted a challenge to prove the existence of an account to which a P150-million check was deposited, Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson on Friday issued a counter-dare to the camp of former Senior Superintendent Cezar Mancao II: to donate to dengue victims the proceeds of that account.

Lacson said Mancao should issue an undertaking to the effect that Mancao will produce the equivalent amount of all withdrawals made from the account, and donate it to public hospitals accommodating dengue victims.

"I am willing to take up his challenge, if Mancao will issue an undertaking that he will produce an amount equivalent to all the withdrawals made from that account, and that it be donated to dengue victims, especially those confined in public hospitals," he said.

Mancao's camp earlier challenged Lacson to trace the P150 million, and offered to turn over the proceeds of that account to him if he can trace it.

On Thursday, the Anti-Money Laundering Council confirmed the account of Mancao exists and that a P150-million check had been deposited to it.

Meanwhile, Lacson clarified he never accused Mancao of receiving the P150 million in exchange for linking him to the Dacer-Corbito case.

He said he merely sought a clarification on whether a copy of a document he had was authentic, and if the P150 million was credited to Mancao's account.

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