Press Release
August 21, 2011


To further protect the well-being of elders, Senator Ramon Bong Revilla, Jr. today pressed for the lowering of the age coverage of the Senior Citizens Act.

The senator filed Senate Bill 2940 that seeks to include 55 years olds as beneficiaries of the Senior Citizens Act. The law presently covers 60 years old and above. "We want more elders to benefit from the Senior Citizens Act that's why are pushing for this amendment. This is one way of helping them and acknowledging their efforts in nation-building," said Bong Revilla.

According to the lawmaker, it is the duty of the legislators to address to the ever-changing needs of every sector of the society. "We must not be complacent that we have done our part once we have crafted legislation, We must be vigilant in making sure that our laws have successfully adapted and carry its potency to the present times."

Under Senate Bill 2940, citizens age fifty-five years old shall be granted ten percent (10%) discount from all establishments relative to utilization of transportation services, hotels and similar lodging establishment, restaurants and recreation centers. Those aged sixty years old and above will still have the existing twenty percent discount privilege.

Ten percent discount shall also be given to those aged fifty-five years old in the purchase of medicines.

Bong Revilla lamented that almost all sectors of society are represented in Congress, except for the senior citizens. "There is no specific representative that voices their concerns and grievances. It saddens me that the very people who once ran and headed our society are now reduced to the sidelines, meek and silent as the younger generation takes over the reins."

He further stressed that existing laws such as the Senior Citizens Act must be reviewed very now and then to conform to the changing times and needs of our citizens. "For this reason that I believe that we need to revisit the law in order to accommodate citizens that are 55 years old to benefit from its provisions. I urge my fellow legislators to work with me for the immediate passage of this bill. This is one way of continuing the Filipino tradition of caring for our elders," he added.

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