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August 23, 2011

Transcript of Interview of JPE on LionAir
general manager Rene Sia's request for immunity

Wala pang request sa akin.

On up to when Mike Arroyo's book keeper, Rowena del Rosario, will be held in the Senate SP: Nasa Committee yun. It's the Committee that will decide that.

Q: May bumabatikos na bakit daw si del Rosario yung kinulong, small fish lang naman siya?

SP: Well, she is the witness and if they analyze her statements before the Committee, it is very obvious that there was contradiction between what she said in one part and what she said in another part.

Q: Yung camp ni del Rosario nag-file po ng habeas corpus?

SP: That's good. Dapat yun ang kanilang remedy, so we welcome that. Ako, I am not allergic to being brought to court because I want the court to decide. We can be wrong, or we can be right. In all my life as a lawyer, I never say that I know everything. Habeas corpus is always an available remedy.

On the Supreme Court issuing a temporary restraining order to the order placing Mike Arroyo in the watch list.

SP: I think tama naman yun, because of the right to travel and the presumption of innocence. Wala pang kaso. There is a case before the law enforcement people. But that is not yet in the courts, so there is a possible defense.

Q: Should it be a warning to the DOJ secretary not to put just anybody on the watch list?

SP: I do not have to teach them how to react. They know what it means to them.

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