Press Release
August 25, 2011

Transcript of Interview of Senator TG Guingona
after the Helicopter Probe

STG: Magandang hapon sa lahat. We just concluded another hearing on the helicopter issue. What is apparent is that the Philippine National Police is not a coherent whole organization. As can be seen they are disjointed and uncoordinated. It is a very very disappointing state for the PNP. The Senate President has already expressed his frustration at such a situation. We hope that the PNP will take measures so that they can mend their organizations. Any questions?

Q: Patuloy pa din ba ang hearing?

STG: Patuloy pa din. Nag-aantay tayo ng dokyumento, pati ang LTA mag-submit pa ng kanilang books of accounts.

Q: Why did you released Rowena del Rosario? Were you pressured ?

STG: No. She wrote a letter and there was also a request from Senator Escudero , as you heard and that's the basis of release.

Q: Bale wala na sir yung petition nila?

STG: Yes.

Q: Are you satisfied by her answer ? Naktulong ba ang detention para makakuha ng information?

STG: What happened now is we have been able to get from her answers which makes clearly the Arroyo brothers liable on the tax angle and she did undertake to appear in the future hearings. We will take her word at that.

Q: Ano yung detalye tungkol sa tax case ng mga Arroyo?

STG: For example, she said that from 2004-2011 , they paid Lion Air 18 million pesos. She said it all came from Iggy except the 500 thousand dollars . There was no documentation at all.

Q: Mag-file na ng kaso ang PNP. Paano poi yon? Itutuloy pa din ban g Blue Ribbon ang pag imbestiga?

STG: Itutuloy natin sapagkat you can never tell what evidence will show up. As long as mayroon significant na ebidensiya na lumabas pa , bubuksan namin ulit ito if it's needed. Right now, we are in the state of waiting for the documents.

Q: May irerekomenda ba kayo na kakasuhan?

STG: Clearly meron na like the inspection team, heade by General Piano. Clearly has liability, clearly he has to answer. The head of the PNP at that time, General Versoza. Clearly has the liability and clearly has to answer. In fact he was the one who signed the contracts.

Q: What particular case?

STG: We have to evaluate that.

Q: Bakit hindi ginigisa si Gen. Versoza?

STG: If you do remember two hearings ago, I did tell him cause he was trying to evade last time. I did point out that he entered into a contract with an entity that was not legally capacitated to do so. MAPTRA, at that time. In spite of that, he did enter into the contact. So sabi ko sa kaniya, "clearly you have a responsibility... you have to be accountable for this". I just don't want to repeat it each and every hearing.

Q: Kahit na ally siya ng administration?

STG: This is the first time I heard that he is an ally. Ally or not, the point is, it is clear that he has accountability.

Q: Is Iggy Arroyo still invited?

STG: The invitation is open.

Q: What law is the Blue Ribbon looking at?

STG: The procurement law, the relationship of NAPOLCOM with PNP because if you noticed, parang hugas kamay iton NAPOLCOM when it comes to the liability. They were saying that they have nothing to do with it. The Notarial law, as can be seen, it's full of loop holes. It can be tightened,.

Q: Makakasama bas a kakaasuhan ang dating chair ng NAPOLCOM?

STG: We will have to evaluate.

Q: Ano nakalagay sa letter ni Rowena?

STG: Basically, she was just appealing to be released. She did say that she would come every time we need her.

Q: Kailan next hearing?

STG: Wala pang schedule. To be announced.

Q; Ilang hearings pa?


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