Press Release
August 30, 2011


Senator Edgardo J. Angara urged the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) to choose five or ten sports that it will prioritize and cultivate over the next several years.

"Limited resources require the PSC to exercise discretion in which sports it will give primary attention," said Angara during the PSC budget hearing last Thursday. "The PSC must have a strategy. It should identify key sports where Filipinos have the potential to excel."

According to the lawmaker, there is a disparity between popular sports and sports in which Filipinos can excel.

"We all want to play basketball, but Filipinos are not very tall," said Angara. "On the other hand, our natural agility gives us an advantage in sports like football."

These priority sports should then be developed by initiating grassroots training programs and funding from foreign investors.

"Our foreign partners can conduct sports outreach programs. They provide coaches, equipment, even financial support," explained Angara. "We can even send our athletes to their country to train with them, much like university exchange programs."

Angara has been in talks with football giants, like Real Madrid, that are interested in bringing their expertise to the Philippines.

In 2005, Angara initiated a similar program when a six-member delegation from Andalucia-based Centro de Estudios, Desarollo eInvestigación del Fútbol Andaluz (CEDIFA) conducted football clinics in Baguio, Negros Occidental and Baler, Aurora.

"Of course, this does not mean that other sports will be neglected," clarified the veteran lawmaker. "Funding and support must also be given to other sports as the need arises."

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