Press Release
October 2, 2011


In the wake of the wrath of the recent typhoons, Senator Ramon Bong Revilla, Jr. today urged the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to make sure that damaged infrastructures will be repaired or reconstructed using materials and designs that can withstand the impact of Climate Change.

According to the senator, it is only proper that the DPWH comes up with new techniques in building and repairing government infrastructures such as bridges and flood control facilities to cope with the effects of the erratic global weather. He cited as example the breakwater in Manila Bay and seawall along Roxas Boulevard which were damaged by giant waves during the surge of the recent typhoon. Aside from this, floods about three feet deep also spawned along the main road.

"I understand that the DPWH leadership has already directed all the regional directors and district engineers to prioritize the use of products and technologies that could mitigate the devastating effects of Climate Change in all of its projects. We must ensure that this directive is being implemented. As chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Works, we will monitor the DPWH projects," said Bong Revilla, who conducted relief operations in Manila, Navotas City and Malabon City.

The lawmaker also pointed out that as a country highly vulnerable to the adverse effects of Climate Change, it is only necessary that the infrastructures in the Philippines are built with high standard materials that can endure the ever-changing and unpredictable weather patterns. "We are now experiencing the negative effects of Climate Change. We must include in our mitigation plan the construction of Climate Change- proof infrastructures. This will not only reduce damage of properties but also the number of casualties."

Bong Revilla stressed that construction of Climate Change-resistant infrastructures is money well spent. "We must see to it that government funds which came from taxpayers' money are wisely spent on programs and projects that will have long term benefits. And these include infrastructures that can withstand the impact of Climate Change," he added.

Under his Kaagapay sa Araw ng Pangangailangan (KAP) program, Bong Revilla distributed relief goods to typhoon-affected families at the Delpan Sports Complex in Manila, Barangay Tangos National High School and Barangay Daang Hari in Navotas, and Barangay Dampalit Elementary School in Malabon.

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