Press Release
October 10, 2011

Hon. Vicente C. Sotto III
Senate Majority Leader
Welcome Remarks

Grand Launching and Awarding Ceremonies
October 10, 2011 Midas Hotel

It is my distinct honor and privilege to welcome you all here tonight at the Grand Launching and Awarding Ceremonies of the Philippine Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association. I most especially thank our Guest of Honor, the Honorable Senator Gregorio Honasan, for accepting our invitation to be the Keynote Speaker. My heartfelt thanks also goes to organizers, leaders and members of the (PNEOA)

People gather for a purpose. Some pray and draw strength from their God and each other, some celebrate, and some commiserate. I must admit that our gathering here tonight is for all these three intentions - We pray to God and thank Him for allowing us to meet tonight as we energize each other in the fight of our lives, the fight against illegal drugs; We celebrate the victories and good example of our awardees tonight; And we remember those who fell in the fight against illegal drugs.

The products and strategies of the drug trade continually change and evolve, and so too must we adjust and improve in the fight against this malady. The general thrusts remain the same -- supply reduction and demand reduction--but the vigor with which we fight these challenges must be renewed on occasions such as this.

We need models and we need direction. Tonight, we shall honor those who have literally offered their lives to the cause of fighting illegal drugs. Everybody needs a hero. Just as children need the models of good behavior in fairy tales, we must follow the footsteps of those who excel in the cause of anti-illegal drugs.

It's been almost ten years since RA 9165 had been passed. And it is a good time to reflect and assess the quality and performance of our struggle. We must fight the lawbreakers on every front, and in every guise.

Even as we speak, illegal drugs are consumed on a daily basis by the curious, the occasional user, and the addict; peddled by the street pushers, from the dealer, from the trafficker, and from the importer or manufacturer.

I have had many causes, I have worn many hats. But if I am more known today as a Pro-Life advocate, may I say, in all candor, that my Pro-Life advocacy started a long, long time ago, when I first embarked on the fight against illegal drugs. Every fight we make, a life is saved. Welcome again, to all you fellow warriors in this war on illegal drugs.

Salamat sa inyong pagdating. Magandang gabi po.

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