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November 14, 2011

Cayetano: 'Pacquiao is still one of the greatest fighters'

Reporter: Anong masasabi niyo sa laban ni Manny Pacquiao?

Despite the fight going for that long and some of doubting the result, I still think that Manny Pacquiao is still one of the greatest fighters in boxing history. Kailangan lang natin tandaan na may kanya-kanyang style sa paglalaban at mukhang si Marquez ay huli ang style ni Manny Pacquiao. But that doesn't make him less of a fighter. Even the statistics show that Pacquiao is the real winner.

The problem is that we had raised our expectations so high in the last few days since almost all of the analysts said that it would be easy (or sisiw na taluhin si) Marquez and that is why most got disappointed with the result.

Pero kung simula pa lang ay inasahan natin na sa lahat ng mga boksingerong nakalaban niya ay ito ang talagang nakakaalam ng style niya, eh di sana ay na-expect na natin na may posibilidad nga na ito ang magiging resulta.

This of course does not make Pacquiao any less of a great fighter. I am sure that if he is made to face other equally great fighters, we'll witness the same dominant Pacquiao that we're used to watching. It just happens that he faced a fighter (Marquez) who already read his style.

I'm still looking forward to the possibility of Pacquiao finally facing Floyd Mayweather Jr. I think when that happens, Pacquiao will make sure that he proves to the world how great a fighter he is.

Reporter: Kailangan pa po ba ng rematch?

I hope he looks at all his options first because even if we base it on the past three fights against Marquez, we're already convinced that Manny really defeated Marquez. His greatness is also based on the fact that he defeated other boxers who were bigger, stronger, and with other advantages over him.

For example, Muhammad Ali fought Joe Frazier numerous times. Although Frazier was a great fighter and he was able to read Ali's style during their matches, Ali became Ali because of his victories over other great fighters like Foreman.

Let's leave it to the professional management team of Pacquiao to look for a worthy opponent that will show his greatness and the greatness of the Filipinos.

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