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December 9, 2011


Reacting to a television interview given by former president and now-Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, known Arroyo critic Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan says that it was the former president who destroyed her name and reputation long before the Aquino administration came into power.

"Sinasabi niya na puro 'paninirang-puri' ang ginagawa ng administrasyong ito, pero hindi ba siya naman ang sumira sa sarili niyang pangalan at 'puri'?" Pangilinan asks, then adds, "Siya ang sumira sa sarili niya dala ng 'Hello, Garci', ng fertilizer fund scam, ng NBN-ZTE deal, ng Maguindanao Massacre, at ng marami pang iba... Maraming naging sanhi ng paninira ng kanyang pangalan na ang dating pangulo mismo ang may kagagawan."

The veteran lawmaker adds that the current administration is only fulfilling its campaign promise of prosecuting and punishing any wrongdoings--whether by the former president or whoever else is involved.

"President Aquino ran under a campaign of cleaning up corruption. The Arroyo administration had a long history of corruption cases and scandals, and we cannot just turn a blind eye to all of this. This administration is just doing its job and fulfilling a campaign promise. What would we have this administration do--simply let things go because she is a former president? No--true justice is about uncovering the truth and holding people accountable for their actions regardless of their positions in office or society."

As the former president awaits transfer from the St. Luke's hospital in Taguig to the Veteran's Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City, Pangilinan adds, "We can afford the former president the courtesy of her former position, but let us not go out of our way to give her special treatment."

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