Press Release
December 31, 2011


Our nation faced a great number of troubles this year--violent natural disasters, lackluster economic performance, growing poverty and political intrigue after political intrigue.

However, 2011 was not the first time we faced such challenges. Many of the social ills we face today have beleaguered generations of Filipinos.

Yet, during many occasions in the past, Filipinos have exhibited outstanding resilience to weather these crises. As much as the past year can be one of tragedy, it can also very much be of triumph.

As 2012 nears, let us then pray that we will not only weather the challenges we are facing, but rise above and learn from them.

For the world is in transition. Numerous upheavals are occurring at such a fast pace that the very problems we seek to solve are only amplified and exacerbated.

But alongside the tides of change come waves upon waves of opportunity to capitalize on. Hard work, cooperation and foresight will be necessary for us to keep up.

May the coming of the new year serve as an occasion to iron out our differences and an opportunity to learn and evolve.

May 2012 become the year where the Filipino nation acted with resolve not just to solve its present problems, but also to prepare itself for future challenges and opportunities.

The year 2011 has been a productive year for ideas for reform--but more action is needed. As the nation faces a new year, we shall continue a reform agenda for a better Philippines.

Happy new year to all! Mabuhay po tayong lahat!

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