Press Release
January 11, 2012

Corona lawyer accuses President of calling senators to vote for impeachment...

Senator Chiz Escudero defended President Benigno Aquino III against allegations that the chief executive is doing the rounds among senator-judges to convince them to vote against Chief Justice Renato Corona in his impeachment case.

Atty. Serafin Cuevas, Corona's lead counsel yesterday said the defense team is alarmed over reports that the president is indeed talking to the senators one by one as he can really sway members of the impeachment court to "vote against what they really feel."

Escudero, a known ally and personal friend of the president debunked this fear.

The senator said he was with the president last week and during the entire course of their conversation, there was never a mention about the accusation lodged by the Corona team.

"PNoy and I are friends we talked for about an hour about a lot of things. To be fair and factual about it, he did not bring up the issue nor even mentioned about it."

"I am speaking on a personal standpoint and knowing PNoy, what Atty. Cuevas is accusing him of is out of the president's character. He won't do such a thing."

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