Press Release
January 25, 2012

Transcript of the impeachment proceeding

On the order of President Aquino to BIR Commissioner Henares to present evidence in the impeachment court...

Sen. Francis Guevara Escudero (FGE): ... Sinabi po niya ay meron. Hindi po ba ma'm?

Henares: Oho.

FGE: Is that in written form or oral form? Did he give the order verbally or in writing.

Henares: It is in written form, Sir.

FGE: Can you submit to us ma'm, please. And secondly Mr. President while she is producing that document I raised the question because I inquire as to what the coverage of the permission given by the President if it only includes for example Chief Justice Corona and Cristina Corona, because perhaps the page being produced by counsel and marked might include other names as well not included in the authorization of the President so to release records of these taxpayers who are innocent third parties to these proceedings. May I ask counsel yung papel po bang pinamarkahan nyo pangalan lamang at buwis na binayaran ni Cristina Corona yon o may iba pang pangalan diyan at buwis na binayaran?

Prosecutor Lim: Wala na pong ibang pangalan. To reply to the honorable senator may I be allowed to manifest, your honor, that this morning we marked the presidential authorization for disclosure of income document income documents pertaining to the espouses Corona, your honor. And the children and this mark as exhibit quadruple T for the... I'm sorry, your honor, I will start with the exhibit quadruple S which is the memorandum of the witness to President Aquino on the subject presentation of the document of the impeachment trial seeking specific authorization to disclose the documents subpoenaed, meaning documents pertaining to the Chief Justice and his wife pursuant to and in compliance with Section 71 of Internal Revenue Code.

FGE: Atty, Lim, if I may, Mr. Presiding Officer, I simply asked for it to be submitted because the counsel earlier did not have that pre-mark document marked into evidence and presented before this Court formally, and number two just to inquire yung one-page po bang exhibit na minarkahan nyo kanina na naglalaman ng binayarang buwis ni Cristina Corona sa alpha list may iba pa po bang laman yon, kung wala okay lang po, kung meron marahil dapat i-eclude po ang parteng yon dahil ang authorization lang ay tungkol kay Cristina Corona.

Henares: Sir can I just read the memorandum so that I don't have to make...

JPE: What is that memorandum?

Henares: This is the authority from the Office of the President allowing me or ordering me to present documents to the impeachment trial court, sir.

JPE: Proceed.

Henares: Memorandum from the executive secretary to Commissioner Kim Jacinto Henares, Bureau of Internal Revenue... (Henares reads the memorandum).

FGE: Thank you, Mr. President, we thank the distinguished commissioner for her patience in reading the memorandum, Mr. President I raised this question because I'm concerned about trampling upon private rights, third party, innocent third parties who may have nothing to do with this impeachment complaint and yet might be inadvertently unintentionally drag into this controversy at the right time, Mr. President, may I make a reservation to raise the subject matter should we come to a point wherein innocent third parties and third persons will be mentioned already by a the subpoena or by a testimony of the honorable commissioner or any other witness who might have nothing to do with this impeachment compliant because I take note of the mention of all buyers in La Vista for a certain year, all buyers in a subdivision or condominium in a certain year, Mr. President I do not know the purpose why the prosecution is asking for it but if at all in seeking and searching for evidence they should not trample upon the privacy and private rights of individuals and third parties innocent and have nothing to do with these proceedings and I thank the gentleman for clarifying that there are no other names in the alpha list that he marked earlier. Thank you, Mr. President.

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