Press Release
January 27, 2012


Senator Edgardo J. Angara hosted a luncheon meeting with the Korean Delegation from the Seoul Institute of the Arts. The team composed of 9 students and 1 Digital Arts Professor will be staying here in the Philippines for a month to study English Conversation and Business Writing at Languages Internationale in Makati. During weekends they are scheduled to stage Korean Traditional songs (Pansori) and dances on various academic institutions in cities and municipalities around the country.

Seoul Institute of the Arts is a premier art and multimedia school in South Korea. It is dubbed as a center of excellence for Applied Music, Broadcasting Creative Advertising, Creative Writing, Digital Art, Film and Interior design, Playwriting, Photography and Theatre Arts.

Angara hopes to strengthen the study of various art forms such as public art and digital media in the Philippines through international student exchange programs. "This partnership between Languages Internationale and the Seoul Institute of the Arts can actually encourage the Filipino Youth to be proud of their ethnicity... traditional songs and folktales must be kept alive through theatre, film and various forms of media" he stressed.

"Through this initiative, Filipino and Korean students will be able to interact and discuss their views concerning domestic and international issues. Community works and heritage tours will also serve as an avenue to share each other's culture, history and traditions" said Angara.

Since 2008, the country has been actively promoting English as a Second Language (ESL) Tour Program as English is widely spoken locally. According to a study published (2011) by the Department of Tourism, 93.5 percent of Filipinos can speak and understand English well as it is the medium of instruction in schools and universities and a convenient medium for business .

"I am also delighted to know that you will be rendering volunteer activities on various hospitals, schools, orphanages and communities in the country...this program can actually support in encouraging the message of peace, love and unity" Angara told the scholars. The group will participate on outreach projects sponsored by Gawad Kalinga, Philippine Childrens Medical Center and Habitat for Humanity.

In an optimistic note, Angara concluded: "Volunteerism helps bring us together as individuals and societies. It is a powerful tool of mobilizing all segments of society as active partners in building a better world. "

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