Press Release
January 31, 2012

Co-Sponsorship Speech
"An Act Amending Articles 363 and 364 of Act No. 3815,
Otherwise Known as the Revised Penal Code"

(Committee Report No. 81/ Senate Bill No. 3060)
Delivered at the Senate Floor

Mr. President,

Our reputation is an aspect of our lives that we continuously seek to protect, as public perception about us undeniably extends to our loved ones and our families. To extremists, a good name is regarded as more important than life itself, since the former leaves an imprint that lasts beyond the latter.

Even with diligent efforts to maintain good standing and display acceptable character in our society, we still might be faced with circumstances that can inevitably place our long-safeguarded reputation to disgrace.

Whether it is the simple deed of spreading intrigues against a person, or the more serious act of implicating someone in a crime that he has not committed, incriminatory machinations blemish an individual's character and may eventually ruin a person's life.

To discourage such vicious acts and to safeguard the dignity of every citizen, incriminatory machinations are penalized under Articles 363 (Incriminating innocent person) and 364 (Intriguing against honor) of the Revised Penal Code.

However, said law provides for penalties that fail to sufficiently compensate the resulting damage to victims and thus prevent them from attaining full justice.

It is in this light that I register my support for the passage of the proposed measure under Committee Report No. 81 "An Act Amending Articles 363 and 364 of Act No. 3815, Otherwise Known as the Revised Penal Code." This proposed legislation aims to update said legal provisions by intensifying the punishment for those proven guilty of incriminating innocent persons and those found guilty of intriguing against honor.

It is my hope that with the positive action of the Senate on this measure, we will be able to ensure a society that fully respects the dignity of its citizens.

Thank you.

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